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Whether you own a small outlet or a large chain, Wifi-soft has a solution for YOU!
Explore our range of top-notch network controllers, access points and PoE Switches to help you generate higher revenue through WiFi Monetisation.

Shopping malls, retail outlets and chain stores are looking for avenues to attract customers and increase the footfall in their venues. Nowadays, businesses are offering free and unlimited WiFi to attract buyers to their stores. Instead of charging the customer for WiFi access, they are using WiFi technology to advertise and promote their products and services. They are also interested in understanding the consumer behavior and demographics to customize their marketing and promotion campaign to targeted customers.

Wifi-soft offers a complete product line to cater to the needs of the retail market. We offer cloud-managed access points which can be easily deployed in retail stores and shopping areas. These access points are fully managed and monitored from the central console so setup, configuration changes and firmware updates can be easily applied from the central console.

Wifi-soft cloud platform also offers a host of services to monetize the networks through portal advertisements, push notifications, customer surveys, user profiling and marketing tools. The cloud platform also provides powerful analytical and reporting tools so store operators can understand their consumer behavior and predict their buying patterns in the future.

Wifi Solution for Retail, shops & shopping malls- WifiSoft


WifiSoft - Enterprise-grade access points for wide coverage
Enterprise Access Points

Enterprise-grade access points for wide coverage and reliable connectivity

Manage and monitor remote hotspots in a single console- WifiSoft
Central Management

Manage and monitor remote hotspots in a single console

Branded Captive Portals- WifiSoft
Branded Captive Portals

Fully branded and customized captive portals for rich user experience

WifiSoft provide push ads, promotion & discount offers using push notifications for retail solutions
Push Notifications

Push ads, promotion & discount offers using push notifications

WifiSoft provides custom vouchers to guest to control access and bandwidth consumption
Customer Surveys

Get customer feedback through online surveys

WifiSoft provides Portal Advertisements to display banner and video ads on the portal pages
Portal Advertisements

Display banner and video ads on the portal pages

WifiSoft promote products and services through SMS and email marketing
SMS/Email Marketing

Promote products and services through SMS and email marketing

WifiSoft provides seamless integration with social media.
Social Media Integration

Seamless integration with social media and promotions for analyzing user behavio


Tata Clicks Outlets

Samsung Stores


High-performance Access Points

  • High-performance Access Points
  • Wall, Ceiling or Outdoor Mounting
  • PoE Enabled
  • High Power for Greater Coverage
  • Mesh Capable
  • Cloud or Controller Managed
  • Plug-n-play Setup
  • Single Console Management

Cloud Managed Hotspots

  • Single Console Administration
  • Highly Reliable & Scalable AAA
  • Multi-vendor Support
  • Custom Captive Portals
  • Prepaid Vouchers
  • Venue Dashboard
  • User Analytics and Reports
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Location-based Ads

Wifi-Soft is a Hardware and Software Solutions Provider for the Hotspot and Wireless ISP Industry. We Provide Carrier-Class Operational Support System (OSS) for Managing Wireless Networks and Hotspot Systems.

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