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Public WiFi Solutions

Wifi-soft offers fully integrated public WiFi solution for enabling digitization of smart cities and large public venues

In the age of digital economy, cities around the world are competing with each other to build a competitive edge and promote themselves for investments and business. Cities are becoming “smarter” by installing digital infrastructure, eco-friendly technologies and optimizing existing resources. City-wide WiFi is leading the way for smarter cities and providing the backbone for digitizing the city infrastructure.

Wifi-soft offers a complete, integrated solution for building citywide WiFi infrastructure. Our solution includes high-power, rugged access points, cloud controller and a carrier-class OSS/BSS/NMS software for operating and managing the WiFi infrastructure. The solution is designed to scale to thousands of access points and serve millions of users on a daily basis. Our OSS/BSS solution is designed to work in multi-vendor environment thus providing unmatched flexibility and seamless user experience to smart city networks.

Wifi-soft also offers a wide range of options to monetize the WiFi networks through online billing, advertisements, targeted marketing and push notifications. The network also provides connectivity to enable various government programs and employment schemes to the users.


Outdoor Access Points

Rugged, long-range access points for wider connectivity

Central AP Controller

Central, integrated, highly scalable hotspot controller

Branded Captive Portals

Fully branded and customized captive portals for rich user experience

Monetization Platform

Full featured billing and monetization platform for public WiFi

Bandwidth & Policy Mgmt

Control bandwidth utilization and enforce fair usage and access policies

DHCP Server

Full featured, high grade DHCP server for distributed WiFi network

Powerful Dashboard

View NMS data, usage graphs and reports on vital statistics of each hotspot

Advertisement Platform

Complete advertisement and marketing platform for WiFi hotspots


Mumbai City WiFi

Hai Phong City WiFi

City of Graham, USA

Elephanta caves


High-performance Access Points

  • High-performance Access Points
  • Wall, Ceiling or Outdoor Mounting
  • PoE Enabled
  • High Power for Greater Coverage
  • Mesh Capable
  • Cloud or Controller Managed
  • Plug-n-play Setup
  • Single Console Management

AP Controller

  • Central Hosting
  • Plug-n-play Setup
  • Controllerless AP Management
  • Full-feature NMS
  • Single Console Administration
  • Auto Firmware Update
  • User Presence
  • Mesh Enabled Network
  • Central Monitoring & Reporting

Carrier-grade OSS/BSS

  • Highly Scalable, Reliable AAA
  • Multi-vendor Support
  • Branded Captive Portals
  • Policy Manager
  • High-grade DHCP Server
  • Hotspot Monetization Platform
  • Policy Management
  • Powerful NMS
  • Advertisement Platform
  • Hotspot 2.0
  • Rich Reporting and Analytics

Wifi-Soft is a Hardware and Software Solutions Provider for the Hotspot and Wireless ISP Industry. We Provide Carrier-Class Operational Support System (OSS) for Managing Wireless Networks and Hotspot Systems.

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