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UniBox Hotspot Controllers for Managing Wireless Networks.

* Tired of integrating products from multiple vendors ?

* Customers complaining of unreliable WiFi ?

* Getting bad reviews on social media for WiFi sevices ?

* WiFi cost draining your wallets?

UniBox is the answer to your problem.

UniBox is one of the most innovative and reliable Hotspot Controllers in the market today. You can install UniBox to manage any sized WiFi network without having to replace any existing infrastructure.

With UniBox, you don't need any other solution for managing WiFi access. It comes packed with features so just one box is enough to handle all the functions of WiFi hotspots.

UniBox packs all these features

Hotspot Gateway

Multi-WAN / Load Balancer

Access Point Controller

Authentication Server

Captive portal Server

Hotspot Billing

Voucher Management

Policy Manager

Content Filtering

Web Logger

Advertisement server

VPN Server

DHCP Server

Social Media Integration


UniBox Hotspot Controller - WifiSoft

UniBox is ideal appliance for managing wired and wireless network of any size. It can be deployed in cafes/restaurants, hotels/resorts, hospitals, schools and universities, airports/bus stations, shopping malls and private enterprises for managing and controlling guest access.

UniBox comes is various models ranging from 50 to 10,000 concurrent devices and works with access points of any vendor. When deployed with UniMax access points,it functions as Access Point controller and manages all UniMax access points from a single console.

UniBox integrates with many third-party systems like Payment Gateways, SMS gateways, LDAP/AD servers, Google GSuite system, Property Management Servers(PMS), MIS servers, Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more.

It also offers rich API for external systems to configure and collect data for reporting and analysis.

In short, UniBox is a complete solution that offers everything an operator need to run the public WiFi networks.

UniBox comes in three variants

UniBox – SMB Series- Wifisoft

SMB Series

Ideal of small or medium venues that cater to around 100 concurrent devices

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UniBox Enterprise Series for medium size networks- Wifisoft

Enterprise Series

Ideal for medium size networks and offers models for 200, 500 and 1000 concurrent devices

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Unibox Campus Series for managing large campus networks- Wifisoft

Campus Series

Designed for managing large campus networks for serving 2500 to 10,000 concurrent devices.

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