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IOT networks generate humungous amount of data and are complex to setup and manage. Cloud computing makes it easy to build and operate these large and adhoc networks.

Wifisoft IOT cloud is built on a highly scalable and elastic architecture so it can scale to manage IOT networks for any size and complexity. It provides a full management platform to configure, manage, monitor and control any Wifisoft IOT device in the field. The configuration management tool helps administrators to push single configuration across all the remote devices with a click of a mouse

The IOT cloud also provides powerful reporting and analytics for the data collected through the field devices. The analytics is built on a highly scalable and flexible database clusters to ensure that the IOT cloud can handle data from millions of devices at the same time.

Designed to

Built on tiered architecture to provide unmatched scalability and flexibility for IOT application. Designed to handle millions of endpoints and manage them centrally.

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Single Console Management using IOT Cloud - WifiSoft

Single Console Management

IOT Cloud provides a single console to manage the complete IOT infrastructure. It brings enormous cost saving and streamline the operations for the administrators.

Gain Powerful

Visualize your data through various graphs, charts and visuals. Gain insights into data and gather intelligence.

Gain Powerful Insight using IOT Cloud - WifiSoft

Learn more how IONA Cloud will help you deploy robust, scalable and reliable IOT solutions.

IONA Cloud Overview
Setup Rules and Notifications with IoT Solution - WifiSoft

Setup Rules and Notifications

Setup rules to get timely alerts when the thresholds are exceeded. Configure multiple notifications options like SMS, Email, API triggers to initiate response.

Manage Alerts and Notifications

Setup various alert when the environment values cross the threshold values. Simple to configure. Can configure multiple notifications options like SMS, Email or Text alerts.

Manage Alerts and Notifications with IoT Solution - WifiSoft


IoT Cloud setup in Shivaji University, Kolhapur - WifiSoft

Shivaji University, Kolhapur

IoT Cloud setup in College of Engg, Pune - WifiSoft

College of Engg, Pune

IoT Solution provided to Sharada University - WifiSoft

Sharada University

IoT Solution provided to Student Housing, Canada - WifiSoft

Student Housing, Canada

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