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Wifi-soft offers a complete guest WiFi solution which includes access points, controllers, PoE switches and cloud-managed software.

Network administrators in enterprises are having to deal with highly mobile and agile workforce. Additionally, wide adoption of personal mobile devices at the workplace is a major concern for most IT departments. Moreover, enterprises need to offer managed WiFi access to guests without compromising the security of the existing corporate network. Lastly, enterprises are looking for a cost-effective and reliable branch networking solutions to integrate their distributed office network.

Wifi-soft introduces secure, affordable and reliable enterprise WiFi solutions that enable IT administrators to effectively and efficiently manage their corporate networks. We offer both controller and cloud managed enterprise WiFi solutions. Controller managed solution offers more control and local management while the cloud solution provides unmatched scalability, flexibility and cost advantage for the enterprises. Both solutions come with our enterprise-grade, reliable access points, AP controller and WiFi management software. We also offer a cost-effective branch networking solution that provides a safe and secure tunnel from remote offices to the main corporate network.

Enterprise Wifi Solution- WifiSoft


Enterprise Access Points- WifiSoft
Enterprise Access Points

Enterprise-grade access points for wide coverage and reliable connectivity

AP Controller- WifiSoft
AP Controller

Appliance or Cloud based controller for managing AP and wireless network

Mobile Device Management- WifiSoft
Moble Device Management

Manage access for all end user devices and track usage

LDAP/AD Integration- WifiSoft
LDAP/AD Integration

Verify network access via your LDAP/AD directories

Bandwidth & Policy Management- WifiSoft
Bandwidth & Policy Mgmt

Control bandwidth utilization and enforce fair usage and access policies

Web Filtering & Logging- WifiSoft
Web Filtering & Logging

Filter unwanted websites and log all user browsing activity

Powerful Dashboard- WifiSoft
Powerful Dashboard

View detailed graphs and reports on vital statistics of each hotspot

Guest Access / Captive Portal- WifiSoft
Guest Access / Captive Portal

Enforce captive portal and login policies for guests


High-performance Access Points

  • High-performance Access Points
  • Wall, Ceiling or Outdoor Mounting
  • PoE Enabled
  • High Power for Greater Coverage
  • Mesh Capable
  • Cloud or Controller Managed
  • Plug-n-play Setup
  • Single Console Management

Access Controllers

  • Unified Network Managemet
  • User & Group Management
  • Guest Access
  • AP Management
  • URL Filtering & Logging
  • Branded Captive Portals
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Bandwidth Control & Access Policies
  • LDAP/AD Integration
  • Multi-WAN/Load Balancing

Wifi-Soft is a Hardware and Software Solutions Provider for the Hotspot and Wireless ISP Industry. We Provide Carrier-Class Operational Support System (OSS) for Managing Wireless Networks and Hotspot Systems.

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