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Wifi-soft offers an array of Internet access and entertainment solutions for buses, trains, cruises and transport venues.

Internet users have started expecting WiFi connectivity while they are on the road. Venues like airports, train/metro stations, bus terminals and marina are already offering guest Internet access. Customers are now expecting Internet connectivity while they are mobile so bus operators, metros, taxi services have started offering Internet service to the commuters. With the advent of 4G services, it has become possible to provide good WiFi Internet access in the cellular coverage area. Several companies are also offering entertainment on demand using WiFi technology.

Wifi-soft brings together its years of experience to provide a reliable Internet and entertainment solution for the transportation industry. We offer complete WiFi hotspot solution including access points, controllers and cloud software for managing WiFi services in airports, bus/train stations and marinas. We have also introduced a mobile hotspot router that uses 4G backbone from the local cellular operators and creates a full-featured WiFi hotspot. This solution is now deployed in passenger and private vehicles. All the services can be easily managed from central cloud controller and management software.

Our FundoTV entertainment platform can be also packaged with the mobile router to provide an array of entertainment services to the travelers. These include latest blockbusters, TV shows, music videos, Kid content and more. The entertainment content can be easily managed using a web application so the operators can easily upload new content and provide a rich experience to the end users.


Enterprise Access Points

Enterprise-grade access points for wide coverage and reliable connectivity

Hotspot Controller

Unified hotspot controller for managing guest login and hotel WiFi network

Branded Captive Portals

Fully branded and customized captive portals for rich user experience

PMS Integration

Integration with widely used PMS systems like Opera, IDS-Fortune, WinHMS and more

Bandwidth & Policy Mgmt

Control bandwidth utilization and enforce fair usage and access policies

Prepaid Vouchers

Provide custom vouchers to guest to control access and bandwidth consumption

Powerful Dashboard

View detailed graphs and reports on vital statistics of each hotspot

Social Media and Adsion

Seamless integration with social media and promotions for analyzing user behavior


High-performance Access Points

  • High-performance Access Points
  • Wall, Ceiling or Outdoor Mounting
  • PoE Enabled
  • High Power for Greater Coverage
  • Mesh Capable
  • Cloud or Controller Managed
  • Plug-n-play Setup
  • Single Console Management

Hotspot Controllers

  • Unified Hotspot Management
  • Multi-vendor AP support
  • AP Management
  • Branded Captive Portals
  • Hotspot Billing
  • Bandwidth & Policy Management
  • PMS Integration
  • Receipt Printer
  • Multi-WAN/Load Balancing
  • Social Media Integration

Cloud Managed Hotspots

  • Single Console Administration
  • Highly Reliable & Scalable AAA
  • Multi-vendor Support
  • Custom Captive Portals
  • Prepaid Vouchers
  • Venue Dashboard
  • User Analytics and Reports
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Location-based Ads

Wifi-Soft is a Hardware and Software Solutions Provider for the Hotspot and Wireless ISP Industry. We Provide Carrier-Class Operational Support System (OSS) for Managing Wireless Networks and Hotspot Systems.

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