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Today's organizations need increasing mobile workforce which need constant connectivity to the Internet and to mission critical applications. Passengers in buses, trains, metro or taxi also expect Internet connectivity while on the move. Vehicles, mobile offices and command centers are increasingly becoming communication hubs for the field employees.

The Internet speeds have dramatically improved with the advent of 4G and now with 5G networks. This has enabled wide range of mobile applications which businesses are exploiting to offers greater convenience and services to the customers.

4G WiFi routers are increasingly becoming popular since they offer easy connectivity to any Internet enabled devices. They are finding various applications in mobile computing, ATMs, sensor networks, surveillance and telemetry.

4G router also form a communication backbone of the IOT sensor networks. They function as a gateway for various WiFi or BLE enabled sensor devices.

Wifisoft offers several models of 4G routers to cater to the needs of customers

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