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UniMax – UM 510AC

Wifi-soft provides High performance, long-range 802.11ac series outdoor access point for larger public WiFi venues. These rugged and all-weather devices ensure uninterrupted connectivity at all locations where there is a lot of public footfall.

UniMax – UM 510AC Access Point

As Internet speed increases, operators are demanding high performance, better throughput and more capacity from their outdoor WiFi networks. The outdoor WiFi is also susceptible to RF noise and interference from other WiFi networks which results in poor connectivity, slow data rates and bad user experience.

UniMax UM-510AC is an outdoor, 802.11ac access point that is designed to deliver a reliable connectivity and higher data throughput in crowded public venues. It comes with built-in omni directional antennas that are capable of delivering the WiFi signal over a wide area without compromising the connectivity and speed of the wireless network. Each access point comes with mesh enabled firmware that allows operators to extend the WiFi signal without incurring the cost and hassles of running Ethernet cables.

UM-510AC can be easily installed on walls or poles and configured within minutes using the powerful cloud-based management platform.

Truly, UM-510AC is an attractive choice for operators who need a versatile, easy-to-setup and powerful outdoor access point for medium density outdoor venues.

Wifisoft UM510AC used for Larger capacity public WiFi locations.

UM510AC is our affordable dual-band outdoor access point. This access points provides value for your money by delivering performance and QoS at fraction of the cost.

This dual-band, MU-MIMO access point delivers high quality WiFi and comes packed with features that are needed to run any sized public WiFi network.

Built on latest Qualcomm chipsets, UM510AC provides speeds up to 1200 Mbps by utilizing both 2.4 and 5 GHz channels. The MU-MIMO technology ensures multiple devices can utilize the RF bandwidth at the same time thus significantly boosting the performance of the access point.

It comes with built-in powerful antenna to deliver greater signal coverage and high throughput for outdoor WiFi installations. It can be deployed in outdoor environments like college/school campus, public parks, city/village WiFi hotspots and other outdoor locations. Designed to serve 120+ concurrent devices.

UM510AC can be managed as standalone access point or also can be managed through a cloud or appliance controller.

WifiSoft UM510AC provides speeds up to 1200 Mbps

High quality chipsets

UM510AC comes with latest Qualcomm chipset that provides superior coverage and reliable signal over a wide area.

Wifisoft UM510AC provides high quality chipsets
Wifisoft UM510AC Reduce misconfiguration and network outages.

Centrally Managed

Manage, configure and monitor all the access points from single interface and save on operational cost. Reduce misconfiguration and network outages.

Outdoor Mounting

The access point can be easily mounted on walls or poles and comes with POE support.

Wifisoft UM510AC can be easily mounted on walls or poles and comes with POE support.

Learn how UM510AC can be deployed for your WiFi Hotspot.

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Wifisoft UM510AC deliver reliable power to each access point.

POE powered

Each AP can be powered with latest 802.11at POE technology to deliver reliable power to each access point.

Wide Coverage

Each 510AC access point comes with built-in 8 DBi antenna to provide wide outdoor coverage.

Wifisoft UM510AC comes with built-in 8 DBi antenna to provide wide outdoor coverage.
Description Affordable 802.11ac outdoor access point
Frequency Channels 2.4~2.4835GHz;20MHz,40MHz
5 ~ 5.18 – 5.8 GHz,20, 40, 80, 160 MHz

RF Output Power 5 DBi 2.4G MIMO Omni (internal)
5 DBi 5 GHz MIMO Omni (internal)
WiFi Standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3at
Concurrent Users 100+ CCU
Receiver Sensitivity -100 dbm
Transmit Power 1000 mW
Modulation Modes DBPSK,DQPSK,CCK,OFDM,16-QAM,64-QAM
Meshing Enabled
Ethernet Ports 2
Radio Streams 2×2 MIMO
Wireless Speed 1200 Mbps
Certifications CE,FCC, RoHS
Power 802.3 AT PoE

All our access points come with Qualcomm chipsets that deliver performance and highly reliable WiFi access.

All UniMax access points can be either managed from the cloud or on-premise controller.

Each access point support hotspot function so it can be easily deployed with captive portal and central authentication.

UniMax access points come with superior power amplifier that deliver high fidelity wireless signal over a large area.

Provides flexiblity of powering the access points using POE adapter, POE switch or DC power adapter.

UniMax integrates seamlessly with Wifisoft Hotspot Manager, Monetization Platform and Controller. Customers get end-to-end single vendor solution which just works out-of-the-box.

1. What models are available in UniMax Series Access Points??

UniMax series access points come in single and dual band configuration. Single band access points include UM-310N (indoor), UM-510N (outdoor). Dual band series include UM-305AC, UM-310AC (indoor), UM-510AC and UM-530AC (outdoor).

UniMax access points come with complete mounting kit for both indoor and outdoor variants.

By default, we ship all UniMax access points with a controller management option. You can either have on-premise (UniBox) controller or cloud (WiFiLAN) controller. If you need to configure each AP individually, please request this option during the purchase.

UniMax APs are designed to communicate / check-in with the cloud or on-premise controller periodically. It downloads the new configuration during the check-in. Usually the check-in takes around 10-15 mins. The APs might get rebooted after the new configuration is applied.

The number of concurrent devices vary based on the access point model. Generally the single band models, support around 50 concurrent devices while the dual-band models support around 90 - 100 concurrent devices. It is possible to connect more devices but there is performance drop when the APs are heavily loaded.

Yes, you can reboot all the UniMax APs remotely from the controller.

Most of UniMax access points support 48V, 802.3af or 802.3at POE standard. Please review the rating of each access point before powering it.


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