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Wifisoft Enterprise Solutions are designed to cater to the growing needs of modern businesses. Today’s business needs networks that are secure, flexible and highly reliable. With the advent of mobile and personal devices, businesses are increasing becoming susceptible to external and internal threats. System administrators have to constantly monitor their networks to ensure that the corporate data and systems are not compromised.

As the networking world moves to software defined networks, system administrators are looking for solutions that will be easy to manage, configure and adapt to changing user requirements. Lastly with increasingly connected world, modern networks need to be highly reliable and fault tolerant.

Wifisoft offer a complete range of wireless networking solutions that cater to the needs of modern business. We offer wide range of indoor and outdoor wireless access points that provide end-to-end network management and visibility.

Wifisoft presently offers following solutions for enterprise market

Wifisoft Network Controller for enterprises, corporate offices and campus networks

Network Access Controller

Secure and control your enterprise network through all-in-one network access controller

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Wifisoft Enterprise Access Points for handling the WiFi challenges of modern workplace.

Enterprise Access Points

High Performance and Optimized RF Solutions for your enterprise

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Wifisoft Network POE Switches for High Power and High Performance

POE Switches

Fast, Reliable and High Power PoE Switches for powering IP cameras, Access Points and IP Phones

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