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Falcon EN-320 Access Point

Falcon EN-320 is high-grade, powerful access point for medium sized enterprises

Falcon series access points are designed specially for handling the WiFi challenges of modern workplace. Ideally suited for midsize to large corporates and high density environments. They deliver high performance, better coverage and high throughput while saving time and money for enterprises.

All Falcon access points can be managed from the cloud or on-premise controllers or can be managed individually. They are capable of handling up to 256 concurrent device and speeds of 2200 Mbps on both 2.4 and 5 GHz channels.

The access points come with latest features like SD-WAN, software-defined radions, dynamic policies, SSID-based VLAN, dyanmic channel assignment, presence, application filtering, guest access and more. We offer wide range of models to fit your business needs and budgets.

Falcon EN-320 Access Point for Reliable Wireless Experience- WifiSoft

High Performance Wireless

Falcon series of access points comes with latest 802.11ac technology with Multi-User MIMO technology to deliver fast, reliable and powerful signal over a wide area.

Wifisoft’s Falcon series of access points deliver fast, reliable and powerful signal over a wide area.
Falcon EN-320 have Flexible Management - Cloud or Controller- WifiSoft

Flexible management - Cloud or Controller

The access points are capable of operating in both FAT and THIN configurations. In case of FAT mode, the access point can work independently without a local controller. THIN mode works in conjunction of a wireless controller in which the traffic is divided into Control and Data plane.

Network Intelligence to reduce downtime

Falcon access points are designed to anonymously gather event logs, network status, network information to generate powerful insights and analytics for your network.

Falcon access points are designed to gather event logs, network status, network information- WifiSoft

Learn how Falcon Enterprise Access Points can deliver value to your organization.

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Falcon access points deliver high speed wireless to support HD video- WifiSoft

High throughput to support HD video streams

Powered by latest Qualcomm chipset, Falcon access points deliver high speed wireless to support High Definition video and bandwidth hungry applications.

Support 256+ concurrent devices

Falcon access points are capable of handling up to 256 concurrent devices on single device. Ideal for high density deployments like conference rooms, stadiums, events and more.

Falcon access points handle  up to 256 concurrent devices on single device- Wifisoft
Falcon EN-320 Optimize RF for best-in-class WiFi experience- WifiSoft

Optimize RF for best-in-class WiFi experience

Each access point is capable of adjusting signal strength, beamforming, Unicast packets, band steering, time fairness to avoid slow terminals to ensure best WiFi experience to the end devices.

Plug-n-play Setup

Falcon access point are designed for plug-n-play, zero configuration installations. The access points can be centrally configured from hardware or cloud controller thus saving precious time and money during remote installations.

Falcon Access Point is designed for Plug n play set up- WifiSoft
No upfront cost and flexible pricing means you save on your CapEx and OpEx cost. The contract can be terminated any time so you pay only for what you use.

WiFiLAN Cloud uses a hardware agnostic design thus allowing operators to use a wide range of hotspot controllers and access points depending on their requirements and budget. Unlike single vendor solutions, WiFiLAN Cloud allows operators to mix-and-match a wide range of Wi-Fi hardware thus allowing them to save the cost of network deployments.

Please explore our Compatibility Matrix to review the supported hardware vendors.

WiFiLAN Cloud’s architecture makes it an extremely customizable and scalable cloud solution. Operators managing hundreds of hotspots need a solution that can be customized to their business needs. Often they need a product that can be quickly modified to match their customer’s requirements without compromising on the stability, reliability and performance.

WiFiLAN Cloud can be easily customized and hosted on the operator’s own cloud infrastructure thus allowing them more control over their service offerings.

WiFiLAN Cloud provides a simple yet powerful hotspot management on the Cloud. Manage thousands of hotspots centrally without having to incur any extra cost of software, server hosting and maintenance. WiFiLAN Cloud provides a network wide visibility and control, easy setup, centralized reporting and seamless roaming for the hotspot users.

WiFiLAN helps reduce the operational expenses, streamlines processes and ensures that administrators have complete control over their network infrastructure from any place at any time.

Operators can monetize their guest access networks using multiple billing options available in WiFiLAN. Implement credit card or PayPal billing with flexible billing plans based on time or bandwidth usage. Create access codes or vouchers in any combination that can be sold over the counter. PMS/Folio integration makes it really easy to charge guests in their room bills. Operators can avail Wifi-soft’s professional services to implement custom payment scheme or payment gateway integration based on their requirements.

WiFiLAN Cloud promises high availability and redundancy to ensure that your hotspots operate reliably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our servers are hosted in state-of-the-art data centers across the US and Europe and run on a highly optimized and reliable design. The servers are monitored 24×7 and ensure 99.9% uptime. The data is automatically backed up and replicated across multiple data centers to ensure zero data loss.

Redundant, scalable and customizable AAA server for user authentication with automatic failover.

Compatible with all major hotspot gateways and access points including open-source technologies.

Full-featured bandwidth management and shaping capabilities to ensure fair usage for all hotspot users..

Build a custom captive portal for each hotspot individually with company logo, images and text. Each captive portal can provide multiple login methods for user authentication.

Offers multiple methods for user authentication like Click-through, Data Capture, SMS/OTP, Social Media, username/password, prepaid vouchers and more.

Offers complete billing platform to end users for purchasing WiFi access through credit card payments, PayPal, e-Wallets, PMS, mobile payments and more.

Capture user history, validate mobile numbers or email addresses, capture browsing logs and track all user activities on public WiFi networks to help comply with local regulators.

Full featured subscriber management platform to manage user data and self-service portal for the subscribers

Complete voucher management platform to generate vouchers with access restrictions and print/distribute them to hotspot operators.

Report-rich dashboard for each venue to get a graphical overview of users, data usage, social media analytics, revenue and more.

Offers a complete advertisement system for displaying ads and banners to the end users during the login process and user session.

Enable push-notifications, market surveys and email/SMS marketing campaigns using the data collected from the public WiFi.

View the data usage, top users, social media analytics, revenue reports using over 100 different reports available in the software.

1. What is WiFiLAN Cloud?

WiFiLAN Cloud is an unmitigated operational support system (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS) for managing and monitoring wireless hotspots. WiFiLAN Cloud is designed specifically for managing wireless networks and incorporates all important features needed for managing networks from a central console. These features include :

  • Splash pages
  • RADIUS Authentication
  • Hotspot Billing
  • Subscriber Management
  • User Provisioning
  • Hotspot Monitoring & NMS
  • Problem Ticketing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Customer Self Care
  • Prepaid Vouchers
  • Advertisement
  • Marketing

WiFiLAN cloud is offered as a pay-as-you-go service i.e. you only pay for the services used. There is NO lock-in period or minimum contract for using our service. You can terminate the service anytime with one month’s notice period.

Yes, WiFiLAN can be hosted on a private server or cloud instance in your data center. Please check with our sales team on the pricing options and terms of the service.

You will need to provide us complete (root) access to your server so the dedicated instance can be managed and monitored remotely.

WiFiLAN Cloud supports access points and gateways from a wide range of WiFi vendors.

These include Cisco, Ruckus, Aruba, HP, Meraki, Zyxel, Mikrotik, Valuepoint, OpenMesh, Cradlepoint, Nomadix and more.

Please check our supported hardware section for more information.

WiFiLAN Cloud is hosted in a state-of-the-art, secure Data Center in the US, Europe and Asia. Our cloud instances are hosted in different data centers to provide minimum latency and maximum uptime to our customers. The server architecture ensures redundancy and automatic failover by running primary and secondary servers parallelly.

WiFiLAN cloud is provided as Software-as-a-Service. The operators don’t need to install any software or servers for managing their WiFi networks. Instead, they use WiFiLAN services over the cloud. The operator installs compatible gateways/controllers in their WiFi networks. These devices are configured with a specific profile, which is provided by Wifi-soft. Additionally, WiFiLAN also hosts the captive portals for the hotspot.

Wifi-soft is fully responsible for maintaining and securing the cloud services. All the housekeeping of the servers/cloud is also handled by Wifi-soft. Operators have complete access to their data from a web admin interface.

WiFiLAN Cloud is hosted in our NOC (Network Operations Center) in a secure data center.You don’t need to install any Software or run any servers locally. All you need is a Compatible Gateway and a Broadband or DSL Internet Connection and you are ready to provide a Managed and Reliable WiFi Service. WiFiLAN Cloud helps you monitor and manage all your Hotspot Locations and Users remotely through you its Web Based Interface.

This solution is ideal for hotspot operators and service providers who need a complete, integrated back-office management solution that streamlines their operating procedures and reduces operational cost. The simple, intuitive web-based interface is easy to learn and makes hotspot management smooth and hassle-free.

Yes, WiFiLAN Cloud works in any country. You can have Captive Portals in your local language and charge your customers in one of the major currencies of the world.

Yes, our support engineers shall help you migrate from your existing software solution to WiFiLAN Cloud and they shall assist you by remotely configuring your gateways to interface with WiFiLAN.

Yes, a free Online Demo of our solution is available. Click the demo tab for our signup form. You shall receive information regarding your Demo WiFiLAN Account via e-mail. If you are interested in an ONLINE WALK-THROUGH of our solution, we have our Sales Representatives available at a time convenient to you. The representative will explain various features of WiFiLAN and will guide you through the online demo.

Please click here to schedule an ONLINE WALK-THROUGH.

Yes, our engineers will provide you professional and quick support related to WiFiLAN setup, configuring gateways, designing splash pages and setting up billing. In addition, we provide a lot of online documentation for WiFiLAN.

User Guides
  • WiFiLAN 2.0 user guide
  • WiFiLAN 3.0 user guide
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Quick Help Guides
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  • Reporting


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