Kingfisher Bay Resort, Queensland

  • High-end beach resort on Fraser Island, Queensland
  • Wanted to offer paid WiFi access to its guests
  • Needed an appliance that will offer reliable service to hundreds of devices

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Lulu Mall, Kochi

  • One of Asia's largest shopping mall with 1.7 million sq.ft shopping area
  • Wanted to offer SMS-based, TRAI compliant authentication
  • Hybrid billing plans - free and paid.

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USS Enterprise, Norfolk

  • World's first nuclear aircraft carrier retired from active service in 2013
  • Free WiFi access to visitors on the ship
  • Partnered with Verizon and Cradlepoint to offer complete hotspot solution

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Village Suites Student Housing, Oshawa

  • Village Suites off-campus student housing
  • Free WiFi access to over 1000 students
  • BYOD controller for managing student access, bandwidth control and access policies

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