Hotspot Installation
Hotspot Installations

Wireless Internet is an integral part of customer experience in any public venue today. Whether the customer is traveling for business, waiting at the airport, attending a conference, chatting with friend at the café or just browsing Internet in a park, he expects a fast and reliable wireless Internet service so he can get connected to the Internet to check email, access information or communicate with friends and family. Mobility and ease of use are the key drivers for the explosive growth of Wi-Fi industry in the last 5 years. The customer demand is forcing the public venues to offer wireless Internet service to their customers.

Wifi-soft offers an end-to-end wireless infrastructure and mobility solutions. We understand the importance of a fast, reliable and affordable Internet service for your venue and are committed to serving the industry with our extensive knowledge and experience of the WiFi industry. We undertake turnkey projects to design, install and operate WiFi networks in hotels, resorts, conference centers and other public areas throughout India and certain parts of the US. We are backed by a team of highly trained and experienced team of engineers, network specialist and support personnel who have install and operated hundreds of networks over last 7 years.

Wifi-soft offers the following services:

Site survey
Analysis of existing network infrastructure
Network design for optimal coverage and performance
Hardware selection based on budget and design requirements

Setting up Internet leased line
Concealed cabling and ducting
Mounting access points and installing routers and switches
Configuring hardware based on network design
Installing and configuring controller and servers

Setting up branded captive portal for guest access
Implementing authentication and usage tracking
Integrating with hotel PMS system
Setting up billing policies and plans
Managing network for optimal bandwidth usage
Network monitoring
Revenue and usage reporting

    Maintenance and Support
In-house support staff for hotel guests
24 hours a day, 7 days a week phone support
Regular network maintenance
On-call network engineer

Unlike our competition, we have our own proprietary software for managing the wireless network. This allows us to easily setup a customized solution for the hotel on a case-by-case basis.
All the above services are available in India only. Operators from other countries can use our controllers and management system for managing their hotel networks.